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Entrepreneurial Skills Pass (ESP) is an international certificate for students participating in JA Company Program. The certificate states that you have successfully run your own JA company during the program and learned about the skills required in working life and entrepreneurship.

ESP has been created to support JA Company Program and is used in 28 European countries.

Take advantage of ESP

Take the self-assessment test (

  1. Sign up for the portal and take the first self-assessment
  2. Run your own JA company in the program
  3. You will receive an email when the second self-assessment is available
  4. Answer the second self-assessment and get a certificate that tells how your skills have improved the program
  5. Participate in an ESP exam and receive an official certificate of your entrepreneurial skills
    1. Ask for more information about attending your exam!
Entrepreneurial Skills Pass — themes for the self-assessment

Entrepreneurial Skills Pass -exam (

  • The exam measures skills in entrepreneurship, economic and working life skills.
  • The student passing the exam receives an international ESP-certificate of competence, which is a good addition to the curriculum vitae in addition to the JA Company Program certificate.
  • The duration of the exam is 1 hour and the test consists of multiple choice questions.
    • The passage requires 70% of the correct answers.
  • The exam is conducted in classroom at the school and is web-based
    • The test is conducted in Finnish, Swedish or English
  1. Answer self-assessments and print a certificate
  2. Contact your teacher and indicate your willingness to participate in the exam
  3. JA Finland organizes the exam with the teacher
  4. Prepare well and participate in the test!

Learn more about the Entrepreneurial Skills Pass!

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