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The aim of the program and the JA company is to learn working life skills, an entrepreneurial attitude, and an active outlook during education. The JA company functions as a learning tool that increases motivation and provides a suitable environment to learn various skills.

The program can also be a part of a larger study program that covers entrepreneurship or enterprise education.

What do you learn in the program?

  • Working life skills, an entrepreneurial attitude, and outlook
  • Developing your own ideas and learning to create products based on ideas in practice
  • Finding your strengths through various activities
  • Interaction, teamwork, and leadership skills
  • Developing financial thinking
  • Learning the operations model of business in practice
  • Resolving problems and handling challenging situations
  • Fundamentals of business

Program steps

The JA Company Program is divided into four main themes:

How to implement the program?


The program runs within a single term, from August to December or January to May.

Academic Year

The program runs in an academic year, beginning in August and ending in May.

Calendar Year

The program runs over a calendar year, from January to December.

Payments in the program

The program has a participant-specific registration fee which is €22 per students in comprehensive education and €30 per student in upper secondary schools. JA Finland will send invoices for the registration to schools after the last registration period has ended. The schools may charge a fee from the students, check that with your teacher.

During the establishment of a JA company, the students invest €10–40 each as initial capital that is used to start activities, i.e., for material acquisitions or small investments, such as business cards and brochures.

Events and competitions

During the academic year, a variety of program competitions are organized, where JA companies can participate. The competitions are include for example The best business idea, the best graphic design and the best internet experience, all supporting the activities of JA companies and developing ideas.

In addition to competitions, during the academic year, several locations will host Uskalla Yrittää -semifinals, which will gather JA companies in the region for a fair event to present their company and make sales. The best JA companies in the semifinals will be able to compete for the national prize at the Uskala Yrittää finals, which will take place in April. Read more about the Uskalla Yrittää event and see the time of your semifinals in your region.

The aim of the competition is to provide opportunities for presenting your own skills and developing the activities. The regional semifinals and national finals have a good opportunity to get to know other JA companies and their activities.

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