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The members of an excellent team support each other’s strengths.

We recommend that each JA company would have 3-8 people in the team, so one person’s illness does not hinder the company’s activity. The size of a group should not be an issue to implementing a good idea.

The JA company can also be founded by one person, if necessary, but we recommend that there are at least two founders. Thus different paperwork and responsibilities are divided into several.

Common rules and goals help

Learning as a team member requires a commitment to shared rules. Agreeing on things together and creating shared rules for teamwork also increase the sense of security in the group.

Trust, respecting others, responsibility, and actively taking on tasks within the team create a good foundation for the success. An open and positive environment feeds creativity and encourages everyone to contribute towards reaching the common goals.

The aims and methods of the team are defined together. Dialog and responsiveness are essential parts of creating a good team spirit. Before this, each member of the team has set their own learning goals.

Common rules help the team function in everyday life and to reach their goals. The rules should be present in the team’s shared space and common social media channels. The rules should be revised at regular intervals.

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