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Next is the time to think about a company name. The name can describe an idea or activities and can also be written using uppercase or lowercase letters.

Name is part of the image

The company is usually is known and remembered by its name. The purpose of the name is to stay in the minds of people.

You should is the name of the company telling something about its activities or about its entrepreneurs. Does the name mean something? If you decide to select a foreign language name, you should check the meaning of the word in other languages.

From the site maintained by the National Board of Patents and Registration,  you can see if the name is free, which means there are no other companies of the same name. It is a good idea to reserve your business name. A good name is easy to remember and its use, writing and bending is effortless.

NOTE! The JA company can not be the name of an existing company, such as Coca-Cola NY. At the end of the company name, there should be letters NY.


Marketing means the planning of, evaluation of different sales channels, market research, and much more.

Rarely the product or service sells “itself” so marketing is needed. The central goal of marketing is therefore to enable the success of the JA company’s sales.

Marketing plan

The marketing plan is a practical tool for the JA company. The plan helps to ensure that marketing is targeted and measures are effective. The plan does not have to be complicated or long, but it should contain information on marketing timetables, responsibilities, markets and competitors, measures and their goals, development and coordination.

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