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The idea is the core of everything. Idea is a crucial part of every activity and team, both in sports, in games and in companies.

A good idea often arises from one’s own or other needs and may arise when you or others are wondering: Why is there no particular product or service here? Why does not this work? Who can do? The idea can also arise from your own interest, know-how or the field you are studying.

The idea tells what a company does and why it does exist. The idea is usually simple and clear. Organizing a children’s discotheque, cafe, self-made jewelry, pastry, dog outdoor, yard work, photography services or hairdressing services.

In JA company the idea states what the company does and why it exists. The idea is usually simple and clear.

  • Paw Pals NY walks dogs in the afternoons.
  • Carpet and Patchwork NY creates and manufactures design rugs using recycled materials.
  • Renovators NY designs and carries out interior painting projects.


Ideation is a creative process where a problem is recognized and analyzed. Information is gathered, ideas are presented, estimations and evaluations are performed, and various solutions are tested to find a working one.

Evaluation and choosing the idea

After the creative process has ended, it is important to consider and evaluate the ideas. Which idea would work best and what skills the team has.

We recommend using ideation techniques to create and evaluate ideas. For example, the SWOT analysis, anonymous and regular brainstorming, and the Six Thinking Hats system. Excessive criticism should be avoided during the early stages of ideation. Even crazy ideas can make a good business if the team has the right skills.

When the analysis has been carried out, it is time to choose the idea that the JA company begins to develop. After this, it is time to create a plan of action or a business operations model to bring the concept to the market.

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