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When the members of a JA company have formed a team, decided on an idea and a name for the company, it is time to establish the JA company.

Steps to establish the JA company

1. The Founding Meeting of the JA Company and the 1st Meeting of the Board of Directors

During the founding meeting, the first meeting of the board of directors is also held. Minutes are taken at the meeting, listing the issues that were discussed and the decisions that were made in the meeting.

Note! The members of the JA company can only include students who are involved in the JA Company Program.

2. Creating the Memorandum of Association

The memorandum of association for a JA company is a modified and simplified version of the documents required for establishing an actual company. It consists of a cooperation agreement concluded for the company’s use and is used to fill out the online registration form.

By keeping a record, it is easier to check later what was agreed. Making minutes is also a good way to practice common meeting protocols.

3. Creating the Cooperation Agreement

The cooperation agreement is used to agree on shared rules among the team in an attempt to resolve any potential issues in advance. The cooperation agreement includes provisions for what to do in case someone wants to leave the company and how the profits are shared.

4. Registering the JA Company online

You need to offically register the company on the -portal. Portal stores the information of the company and its members. The JA office will process the registration and notify by email when the registration is approved. After approval, the JA company can begin its operation. Proceed to the registration form.

Actual companies must be registered and established within the trade register maintained by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office. As the JA companies operate as part of the teaching provided by an educational establishment, they don’t need to register to Patent and Registration Office.

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