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It is recommended to ask advice from the teacher or friends and family. An advisor can also be found through hobbies or other activities. If your idea is related to your studies, you should first map out potential companies in the field and think about who you could ask to become your mentor.

YES-network has a godfather-portal, where you can find potential advisors. More information is available in Finnish at

The advisor and their company should not, however, be the JA company’s customers.

Advisor as part of the operation of a JA company

The program provides an excellent opportunity to network with various operators. It is important to be active when mapping out potential partners. Cooperation can be aimed at finding advisors, discovering trade opportunities or used as an opportunity to meet new people and receive tips for your operation.

Each JA company should find a business advisor who will act as a sparring partner and encourages the team during the school year. A dedicated guide for advisors can be found at here.

The advisor is familiar with working life and is eager to provide suggestions and comments to improve and support the operation. The advisor does not have to be an entrepreneur, but they should be knowledgeable about the working life and business.

Starting and running your own business can produce many questions that are best solved with outside help. A good advisor can assist with the following matters, among others:

  • provide feedback on ideas
  • assist the team with issues related to production
  • give tips on selling and marketing
  • encourage the team and provide contacts for the JA company
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